Sci Foo Entry #2: A Spectacular Weekend

Jean at GoogleplexTwo words sum up Sci Foo: absolutely incredible. It’s already been a couple of weeks since I returned from my trip to California, but it’s only now that I’ve had some time to write down my highlights of the “unconference” (part 1 of Sci Foo blogging is here).

On each day of Sci Foo, I met astoundingly accomplished and smart people (sometimes just while we were queuing for food at the Google canteen). I learned some truly amazing things from the fascinating sessions and one-on-one conversations. I had some really interesting discussions with various people about topics I’m particularly interested in, including altmetrics, new signals for research impact, animal research ethics, and neuroscience. Moreover, since I was at the Googleplex, I got the chance to see a part of the tech world that I’d only ever read about.


A few things that I’ll never forget

  • Giving a 5-minute lightning talk about the point of pain research to a packed room, on the last day of Sci Foo.
  • Having a great conversation with Dr. Alcino Silva about an amazing project of his which aims to create digital and dynamic maps of neuroscience research.
  • Getting a demo of Google Glass (and having conversations with Google employees about Glass habits and “culture”).
  • Wandering into the area with Google’s Android lawn statues, and gasping in amazement when I saw the giant donut (reminiscent of Altmetric donuts).
  • Belting out “Hey Jude” with 9 other Sci Foo attendees (including a Nobel Prizewinner) at a karaoke bar in the wee hours of the morning.
  • Spending 2 days after Sci Foo in San Francisco with Amarjit and Alan, my good friends and colleagues from Digital Science. There was never a dull moment in our journey.


My Sci Foo experience in photos

Sci Foo

In the famed Googleplex

Meeting Alcino Silva

With Dr. Alcino Silva, neuroscientist from UCLA

Digital Science team

The team from Digital Science. From left to right: Timo Hannay, Alan Hyndman, Amarjit Myers, me (Altmetric), Mark Hahnel (figshare), and Marko Ivin (Symplectic)

Hanging with the Googlers

Posing with the great team of volunteers from Google

Alamarjean in San Francisco

The last leg of my trip in San Francisco: spent with Alan and Amarjit. Collectively: Alamarjean


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